Intensive Care

Coordination Program

The Intensive Care Coordination Program (ICCP) supplements traditional outpatient mental and behavioral health services by providing field-based services to individuals who would otherwise struggle to comply with established care plans.

We Serve

  • Individuals in need of specific care coordination services in order to overcome barriers to assessing treatment, community support and recovery.
  • ​Individuals who routinely miss scheduled outpatient therapy, groups, psychiatric appointments.
  • ​Individuals with limited personal or social support.
  • ​Individuals with a history or risk of medication non- adherence, psychiatric hospitalizations.
  • Individuals who are able to participate in and commit to weekly face-to-face meetings with ICCP staff and understanding of the PSC’s role.

Our Services

We offer two tiers of treatment, which can be adjusted depending on need. Tier 1 clients receive more intensive services, while Tier 2 clients receive less intensive services that promote independence. We provide our services for an average of six months to a year.  The following services begin immediately upon referral:​

  • Thorough assessment and care planning with input from the referring provider, goals identified by the individual and recommendations from Pathways staff.
  • ​Linkage to community-based resources (transportation, benefits establishment, occupational support, etc.)
  • ​Mental health rehabilitative services focused on supporting symptom management.
  • Transportation and accompaniment to appointments​​​

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